Pricing Policy
Walking tour
The average cost of a walking tour for 2 hours is ~ €15, the minimum is €8.
The cost is determined by a set of factors: the duration of the route, the amount of information provided, the average cost of similar tours on the market.

Set the price that you think is most appropriate and, if necessary, our moderators will suggest you adjust it.
Museum tour
In the case of museum tours, the cost of the ticket must be taken into account.

Tour Cost = Price of the Tour Content + Ticket Price

The cost of the tour (content) must be higher than the cost of the ticket
The cost of the tour (tour + ticket) should be competitive.
Cases with expensive tickets (over €25) are discussed separately.

How to add a price for a tour with tickets

Indicate which of the attractions on the tour require entrance tickets.
Tickets are added only if the tour takes place inside the attraction.
Indicate where to buy entrance tickets. If it’s possible to buy them from the attraction website, add a link to that site.
Add price categories for tickets if they are mentioned on the website, and indicate the cost of tickets for each of them.
Next, indicate the cost of the tour for each price category. You can make it the same for all price categories, or make it different according to the ticket price taking into account the rules mentioned above.
The final cost of the tour will be calculated automatically.
If the final cost is too high or low, the moderators will suggest you adjust it.