What the Traveller will Visit
When filling out the section "What the traveler will visit," indicate the starting and finish points of the tour, add attractions that will be visited and add the length and duration of the route. This will help clients to get more detailed information about the route of the tour.
Add the starting point of the tour. Find a point on the map by entering its address in the first line.
Indicate the name of the place. Not the address, but the name of the location:

❌ 253 High Street
✔️ Edinburgh City Chambers
If the tour ends in a different place, indicate the final location in the same way.
Add attractions that travellers will see or visit during the tour. Indicate
5-7 famous sights: museums, cathedrals, squares.
Indicate if the tour takes place inside, or if tourists will see the attraction only from the outside.
Enter the length of the route in km.
Indicate the duration of the tour.
You can add a time range if the tour does not have strict timing.