Photos in Tours
Quality requirements for photos in tours
Resolution 300 dpi
Horizontal orientation
Size 1920х1080px
Weight up to 1-2 MB (you can compress photos on the compressjpeg website)
No watermarks or inscriptions
Licensed for commercial use if the photo is not yours

Such photos will pass moderation

✔️ Good quality
✔️ Taken in good weather
✔️ Show the described details
✔️ Depict tourists listening to the audio tour

Such photos are not allowed

Pixelated or blurry
❌ Taken in bad weather
❌ Objects are not shown entirely
❌ Watermarked
How to choose objects for photos
Add photos of locations to help tourists with navigation.
Attach a photo of the details that are described so that tourists could get a closer look at them (an image of a fresco under the dome of a church, an element on the facade of a building, a fragment of a painting, etc.).
If the story is about the history of a place, add a photo of this location in the past to provide an opportunity to see how the place has changed over the years.
A list of photo banks

To avoid copyright issues, you can take photos from photo stocks

Unsplasha huge free photo bank with incredibly beautiful high-resolution images, a lot of photos with people, large cities, landscapes
Pixabay — a large selection of high-quality photos
Pexelsa convenient free photo stock with image search on different photo banks where you can find portraits, separate objects, and beautiful landscape photos
Everypixela free stock photo search engine that indexes content from 23 different sources at once
Fotera website with beautiful atmospheric photos on various topics, you can filter out photos for commercial use
Ancestry Imageshere are collected old portraits, paintings, and prints
Visualhunt a large selection of photos of city locations and landscapes, however, there are occasional photos with watermarks and inscriptions on them
Gallerix pictures of paintings from famous museums from around the world
Wikimedia Commons — a huge selection of public domain photos that have expired copyright
Pastvua website of archive photos with an unusual search – on the map
Internet archive historical photos, as well as photos of ancient exhibits