Museum Tours' Features
Route Creation
Museum tours require only one geotag on the map. It shows the starting point of the tour. Usually, it is the museum entrance.
GPS doesn’t work well inside buildings. So unless it is an open-air museum, all the following Steps after the first one shouldn’t be connected to specific locations on the map.
More about steps and geotags here.
The minimum number of Steps (introduction&conclusion not included) is 10.
One Step can describe one particular exhibit, several exhibits, or the whole (small) room.
Detailed navigation should be provided for each location change.
Photos can also help travelers navigate inside the museum.
Directions should be provided with as much detail as possible.

Go to room 110.

1. We’re moving towards room 110 via the passage to the right of the painting “Sunflowers”.
2. Walk down the corridor until you see a room on your left.
3. Walk inside this room and you’ll see a sculpture “Geisha” in front of you. The next Step will tell you more about it.
Photos can show the object the Step is about or the route.
If your audio guide contains information about small details or something that can’t be seen at the moment, please add photos of these objects.
If you know some unique locations, cafes, or places to rest which you or your friends like, recommend them to the travelers! They will be grateful to you for taking care of them.
Recommendations are better to be provided in the conclusion in case tourists would be hungry or tired after the tour.
In the conclusion you can also mention some attractions that are located nearby.