Moderation Process
Tour check by a moderator
The tour is ready for moderation after making the final edits and creating the description.

You can send the tour for moderation by clicking the button after filling out the description.

A moderator will check the tour for compliance with WeGoTrip quality standards and will contact you via the contacts provided during registration.
Moderation duration

Moderation can last for up to 7 working days

In case we have a lot of moderation requests, the waiting time may increase.

If two weeks have passed since the tour was submitted for review, and there is still no response, write to us at to find out the moderation status.
Re-moderation after correcting the tour
After making the necessary changes, contact the moderator. We will check the tour again and provide new feedback.

This process is repeated until all comments have been taken into account and the tour is fully ready for publication.