Inclusions and Exclusions
What’s included in the tour
Indicate what is included in the tour apart from information about locations. It can be:

recommendations of cozy cafes that you can visit during the tour
advice from a local on where to buy inexpensive and high-quality souvenirs
discount on coffee in cafe "..."
tickets to a museum or attraction (in case the tour takes place there)
transportation tickets (for example, for tours on rivers and canals – boat tickets)
Add only those tickets that can be purchased online.
What’s not included in the tour
Indicate what is not included in the tour price. For example:

tickets to museums or attractions (if the tour takes place inside, but tickets are not sold online)
headphones – tourists have to bring their own
photography services (for photo- and insta- tours only)

food and drinks (in case of long tours for 5-6 hours only)

transportation tickets (indicate the cost of the ticket)