Walking Tours' Features
Route Creation
The minimum number of Steps is 10.
Every stop on the tour should be marked with a geotag on the map.
If some stops are located too close (less than 50 meters away), no additional geotag is needed – just create a Step with no connection to a geotag.
More about steps and geotags here.
Stops on the route should be placed evenly – the distance between them should not be more than 500 meters.
Length of the route should not be more than 5 km.
Detailed navigation should be provided for each location change.
Directions should be easy. You can also add visual directions (photos) to show the way.
Mention noticeable objects (bright yellow building, Aphrodite monument, house with round windows) instead of street names and house numbers.
Intermediate Steps
Tourists listen to additional stories while walking from one stop to another. Add them so that travelers wouldn't have to walk in silence for a long time
Such stories are not connected to specific locations on the map and are added as separate Steps.
In case you have long distances between the stops on the route, add 1-2 additional stories.
Stories should be connected with the tour theme; they can be about places that travelers pass by while walking to the next stop.
Make sure that the photos you add clearly show which object the Step is about.
Photos can also be used to make navigation easier.
If your audio guide contains information about small details, the interior of the building, or something that can’t be seen at the moment, please add photos of these objects.
If you know some unique locations, cafes, or places to rest which you or your friends like, recommend them to the travelers! They will be grateful to you for taking care of them.
Recommendations are better to be provided in the conclusion in case tourists would be hungry or tired after the walk.
In the conclusion you can also mention some attractions that are located nearby.