Tour Text Creation
How to write quality texts
We write texts for people. If a text becomes too boring or complicated a person will stop listening to it. It is important to make the text interesting and easy to listen to.

The text should be balanced, simple, not overloaded with complex vocabulary, positive and friendly. At the same time, it should preserve all the important facts and be written respectfully, without familiarity.

Reread the text. If a sentence seems too difficult to understand, rewrite it using simple vocabulary. If there is no useful information in the sentence – delete it.
During the tour, you will visit unique palaces and galleries.
Our tour will start at the Annenkirche, the oldest Lutheran church in St. Petersburg built at the end of the 18th century.
The language of audio guide texts should be figurative and vivid, and at the same time modern. Instead of old cliches, come up with new metaphors.
Beauty will save the world: graffiti brings new colours to the city.
Take a new angle:
Graffiti transformed the streets of Barcelona into an open-air art gallery.
Remove evaluative vocabulary and unsubstantiated epithets and characteristics. Instead, draw images in the mind of the listener. They will decide by themselves whether something is "magnificent" or "delightful" after we describe things that they understand and allow them to draw conclusions themselves.
Adjectives: great drawing, unique environment.
Images: a castle over a cliff, a Moorish-style palace.
Special features of texts for audio tours

What else to remember when writing the text for the tour

An average text size for one step – 200-400 words.
Copying and pasting information from third-party sources into the text is prohibited.
Do not use many little-known specific terms without explaining their meaning, reduce the number of exact dates and names. Add extraordinary stories, myths, and legends.
Directions for moving from one stop to another should always be located at the end of the location description.
Recommendations of cafes or other places to visit during the tour should be provided indicating their names and addresses.
Quality standards should be complied with.
Text formatting
Make sure to use hyphens, en, and em dashes correctly. Tips on how they are different and when to use either of them read here.

To insert empty space in the text, use tabs (Tab key) and alignment instead of spaces. Replace all double spaces with single, this replacement can be run several times until the search stops finding a double space in the text.