WeGoTrip Quality Standards

If you wish to publish your tour, please meet the following requirements:

A good tour includes five components:

  • Engaging and coherent texts;
  • Quality audio;
  • Logical and understandable navigation;
  • High-quality images that illustrate the content of the tour;
  • A selling description and presentation of the tour.
The route consists of at least 12 steps, including the introduction and conclusion, and should fully reveal the declared tour theme.
Each tour step includes a title, text, audio, photos, navigation instructions, and a geotag if the step is tied to a map.
The recommended text size for each step is 200-250 words.
The tour will sell better if you pay special attention to the product card that includes the tour name, description (at least 800 characters), tour highlights, 6-8 photos, and the price.
The photos used in the tour must be owned by you or licensed for commercial use.

Moderation stages

Once you have completed each stage, we recommend submitting your tour for moderation. After we review it, we'll get back to you with feedback.

Intermediate moderation

  • Fill in all tour steps (without audio): write texts and navigation hints and upload photos.
  • Prepare a conclusion following the standards.
  • Record audio for one of the tour steps.
Final moderation