How to Record an Audio Guide
Before recording the audio guide we recommend to send the tour for preliminary moderation. Preliminary moderation helps to avoid re-recording audio to make adjustments.
Quality requirements for an audio guide
The style of communication is lively, with emotion and without monotony, as if you are telling a story to friends.
The audio sound is clear, with no humming, background noise, and rustles.
Voice sounds clear, loud, and smooth.
Comfortable volume for outdoor or indoor listening, depending on the type of tour.
The duration of one audio is 2-3 minutes.
The file format is mp3.
Audio includes directions on how to get from one stop to another.
Audio does not include step names.
Sound design in audio will be an advantage.
How to record an audio guide at home
Audio should be recorded in a quiet, small room to avoid background noise and hum in the audio.

You can record audio using a headset on a phone or computer / via phone microphone / using a professional microphone – choose the option with the best sound.
You can use special programs and apps for audio recording. For example:

Voice Recorder Pro for iPhone
Smart Recorder for Android
Audacity for PC

If you have one of the latest iPhone models, you can record on the built-in voice recorder – the recording quality is good.
Audio editing

Useful audio editing software

Online audio converter – convert audio from any format to mp3.
AudioTrimmer – trim end/start of audio.
Audacitycut audio, increase volume, edit sound distribution, remove a fragment within audio, add sound effects and sound design, etc.

Adding sound design and background music

If you want to add sound design to your audio guide to make it more vivid and memorable, you can do so in one of the audio editing programs.

Or look for freelance sound designers who would do that for a small payment. They can edit the quality of your audio and add sound design – background music, sound effects.
Alternative ways to record an audio guide

Via artificial intelligence on Murf website ($13/Month)


Suitable for creating a temporary version of the audio guide for testing the tour.
Allows to publish a tour with little costs before the first sales and then make a live audio guide with sound design.


A little mechanical sound is a drawback for many tourists.
It takes time to adapt the text before recording to make it sound as natural as possible.

With a professional voice recorder


High audio guide quality.
Opportunity to add sound design and sound effects.


May be an expensive option.
Makes it difficult to quickly edit the audio guide later.
There are many platforms where you can order a professional voiceover for a reasonable price. For example, some of our digital guides use Fiverr.