Before starting to work on your first tour, check out our demo tour and see what our travelers experience
What our travelers see before starting the tour
1. Download screen
2. Travelers will see recommendations on what to do before starting the tour
3. Start screen of the tour (it may be started later)
— Can be played before the actual start of the tour
— Steps' numbers are displayed in the upper part of the screen
— Full text of the audio guide, information about the starting point of the tour
— Audio can be played by pressing the Play button or by putting the phone up to the ear
— Map showing the way to the starting point
— It is possible to switch to the next step manually
— See recommendations on how to create an introduction here
Transition between Steps
A button can be added in several cases:
— The story is divided into several steps and these steps should be played while standing in the same spot
— If the location change is minor. For example, if tourists have to look at the other side of the road or walk 5-10 meters
— There are different locations inside one building

Geolocation is added in case of location change and helps make navigation easier for tourists.
— Always in a separate Step
— See recommendations on how to create a conclusion here
Final Page
— Shows the timing
— Has a feedback field