Creating a Tour
You can create a tour in WeGoTrip Studio in just 8 steps:

  1. Choose the theme and the title for your tour
  2. Write the tour description
  3. Create the route and the tour's structure
  4. Add your content – text and photos
  5. Add details about your tour
  6. Pass preliminary moderation
  7. Record the audios
  8. Pass the final moderation

In this section, we go through all steps of the tour creation process starting with choosing the theme for your tour.
  • How to Choose the Theme
    Finding ideas and choosing a promising tour theme
  • Route Creation and Tour Structure
    Route map and tour base creation in the Studio
  • How to Write an Introduction
    Special features of introduction in tours
  • How to Write a Conclusion
    How to create a logical conclusion
  • Tour Text Creation
    How to write text for an audio tour
  • Photos in Tours
    Quality standards for photos in tours, useful recommendations, and photo banks
  • Quizzes in Tours
    Quest-tour creation and quizzes adding rules
  • How to Record an Audio Guide
    The process of recording and editing good quality audio guide