WeGoTrip Quality Standards

To pass moderation tours should comply with the following requirements

The duration of a standard tour is 1.5–2.5 hours.
The optimal length of the route depending on the tour type:
  • Walking: 4–5 km
  • Bike: 10–15 km
  • Car: 40–50 km
Availability of clear directions on how to get from one stop on the tour to another – adding reference points (colourful building, crossing a bridge, unusual sculpture) which would help tourists understand where to go.
Compliance with the quality standards for introduction and conclusion.
Compliance with the quality standards for audio and photo.
In the audio guide text section – grammar and punctuation rules are complied with, good readability of the text.
An informal style of communication – no dry facts or excess of dates, the story is emotional, demonstrating personal attitude, unusual stories, myths, and legends should be added.
An audio guide should be recorded for each of the steps on the tour.
Quizzes in quest-tours should be distributed evenly – quiz questions should be added every 3-4 steps. Quizzes should be aimed at exploring the surroundings, not checking the knowledge of tourists.

Checking knowledge: Do you remember in which year was the Great Fire of London?
Pointless tasks: To continue, look closely at the building once again, count the round-shaped windows and write down the number.
Subjective opinion: Did you enjoy the tour? Did you find the sculpture?

✔️ There is a mystical legend about the family coat of arms of the first owners of this palace. We will tell it further, and now find the image of the coat of arms on the building and answer the question: what animal is depicted on it?
✔️ You’ve arrived at an unusual monument. Examine it closely and guess the profession of this person.
✔️ Take a look at the building’s facade. There are various objects and animals depicted on it, and all of them have a certain meaning. Which object symbolizes the main activity of the company located in the building?