How to choose a theme for your tour

It can be a tour of unusual attractions in a city, a bar tour, a bike or car tour, a museum tour, etc. What’s important is that the theme of the tour should be interesting to the author and could interest the others.
Here are some of our recommendations:
The tour includes the main tourist attractions or large cities;
The theme is interesting for people of 12 to 35 years old;
You have expertise in the theme and can provide unique information about it.

If you’re not certain about the theme, feel free to contact us at We’ll be glad to send you the list of themes that are likely to be popular at the chosen destination. You’ll be able to pick any of them or come up with your own based on our ideas.

Как создать контент для экскурсии в WeGoTrip
Узнайте о стандартах качества для туров WeGoTrip, как подобрать фотографии и как записать и отредактировать аудиогид в домашних условиях