Who can test your tours
There are two types of tour testing:
Individual testing
⨠ Test with the help of other people

The first one helps determine technical and design mistakes, the second provides content evaluation. The best testers are the people you don’t know well who can give you objective feedback. So, ask friends of your friends, other guides, random people in travel groups on FB or somewhere else. They would give you the most useful feedback!

How to test tours

During testing be critical and check the following criteria:


Introduction provides information about the route
It’s clear how to get to the starting point of the tour


The tour includes unknown and difficult to find facts which make it unique and unusual
All the information on the tour is relevant (opening hours, addresses, prices, etc.)
During the tour or in the conclusion detailed recommendations on visiting various places are included


По ходу экскурсии и/или в заключении даются развернутые рекомендации к посещению различных заведений


Conclusion is logical, includes suggestions on what to do after the tour


Легко ориентироваться на местности по указаниям в туре


Route distance and duration are comfortable
The route is logical and stops are evenly distributed throughout the walk
All the locations are accessible

Audio guide

Audio guide is comfortable to listen to, the volume is appropriate for listening on the street/inside, no background noise
Information is easy to listen to


Photos help find the way, allow to examine the details that are described in the audio guide


Quiz questions (if included) are aimed at exploration of the surroundings and don’t test the knowledge of tourists

App operation

All steps open in time, no need to skip any steps or go back to the previous step because of the early switch to the next step
Следует записывать свои комментарии сразу по ходу маршрута — в заметки или голосовым сообщением для себя. Это поможет вспомнить все проблемные моменты при составлении развернутого фидбека.

Программа тестирования туров WeGoTrip
Раздел в разработке
В помощь авторам уже скоро мы запускаем программу тестирования туров среди других авторов экскурсий
Оформление экскурсии
Как придумать цепляющее название, какую фотографию поставить на обложку и все про оформление страницы с описанием вашего тура