Before submitting for moderation

Who can test your tours
There are two types of tour testing:
Individual testing
Test with the help of other people

The first one helps determine technical and design mistakes, the second provides content evaluation. The best testers are the people you don’t know well who can give you objective feedback. So, ask friends of your friends, other guides, random people in travel groups on FB or somewhere else. They would give you the most useful feedback!

During testing be critical and check the following criteria


Introduction provides information about the route
It’s clear how to get to the starting point of the tour


The tour includes unknown and difficult to find facts which make it unique and unusual
All the information on the tour is relevant (opening hours, addresses, prices, etc.)
During the tour or in the conclusion detailed recommendations on visiting various places are included


Conclusion is logical, includes suggestions on what to do after the tour


Route distance and duration are comfortable
The route is logical and stops are evenly distributed throughout the walk
All the locations are accessible

Audio guide

Audio guide is comfortable to listen to, the volume is appropriate for listening on the street/inside, no background noise
Information is easy to listen to


Photos help find the way, allow to examine the details that are described in the audio guide


Quiz questions (if included) are aimed at exploration of the surroundings and don’t test the knowledge of tourists

App operation

All steps open in time, no need to skip any steps or go back to the previous step because of the early switch to the next step
Product design
How to create tour title & description

Create a title for your tour
The title of your tour should reflect its content. It should be clear from the title what the tour is going to be about.

For example, even though the names “Medieval Diary” or “Maestro” are catchy and unusual, they don’t give an understanding of what is going to be on the tour.

On the other hand, the names “Quest of the Peter and Paul’s fortress” and “Journey around the royal places in London” help create a picture of a route in the traveler’s mind. Optimal title format includes location and activity or point of interest with more information, e.g.: “Versailles: The Grand Apartments Admission Ticket & Audio Tour”.

Highlights of the tour
Highlights include the most interesting and unusual moments of the tour. They should be different from the main tour description.

3–5 highlights should briefly describe the most emotional parts on the tour

They should describe an action – what tourists will do on the tour: “admire…”, “enjoy…”, “decipher…”

Use just one action in a highlight describing it briefly – you have only 100 characters for one sentence.

Create an exciting description for your tour

You create the description before you start working on the content of your tour in WeGoTrip Studio. However, you can still edit it afterwards if you are not fully satisfied with the description you wrote at the very beginning.

Come up with an exciting description

A really great description should include answers to the following questions:

Who would be interested in the theme or itinerary of the tour?
Where the tour starts and finishes?
What attractions will be visited on the tour? What are they famous for?

Good description example

A picturesque walk from the Cathedral of the Savior on Blood to the Field of Mars will introduce to you the major attractions of Saint Petersburg and will tell the history of their creation.

Each castle and monument is not just dry dates and facts, but stories of royal machinations, fights for power and aspiration to leave a footprint in history, encrypted messages and symbols on the facades and bas-reliefs. You’ll find out who predicted the death of Paul I, why the Bronze Horseman is not the first monument to Peter the Great as it is believed, how the Field of Mars turned into a garden, why there were wild animals in the Summer Garden, what ‘Saint Peterburg’s Sahara’ is and many other curious stories.

During the tour you’ll have to answer some simple questions and perform different tasks: so be careful and try not to miss a single detail.

Bad description example

A walk around the center of Saint Petersburg includes visiting the most popular attractions. You will get to know many interesting stories and see some unusual places in the city.

Tour details

What is included

Describe what is included and not included.
Inclusions suggest something that will be on the tour that is not related to its main theme:

recommendations of a cosy cafe from a local
⨠ exclusive insights on everyday life of the citizens
⨠ discount on coffee in a local cafe
⨠ entrance tickets to attractions
Specify only those tickets, which can be purchased online.

What is not included

Exclusions show what might be expected to be provided but is not:

transportation (if a tour includes long-distance travel using public transport or car)
food and drinks
⨠ tickets to attractions (ONLY in case of tickets that cannot be purchased online)


Photos for description

Choose photos which most precisely describe the tour content and show its most exciting moments. Ideally, take photos with a person to show the emotions that customers will get during the tour. A person should hold their phone and have earphones in their ears.

Обязательно проверьте фотографии на соответствие стандартам качества.

Valid photos for the description

Photos for the cover

The cover photo should be the brightest photo most precisely demonstrating the theme of the tour and emotions that tourists will get.

Valid photos for the description

How to choose a price for your tour

Walking tour

The average price of a 2-hour walking tour is €15–20, minimum – €6.
The price is determined by a combination of factors: length of the route, amount of information, average price of similar tours on the market.
Set the price you consider the most appropriate for your tour and if necessary the tour moderator will provide suggestions on the price correction.

Museum tour

For museum tours it’s necessary to take into account the price of the entrance ticket.

Tour price = Content price + Ticket price

Content price should always be higher than the price of the ticket
Tour price should be competitive and not stand out among average prices on the market
Cases with expensive tickets (over €25) are discussed individually with the tour moderator

Пример определения стоимости тура

Цена билета — 500 рублей.

Стоимость тура должна быть больше 500, но в рамках средней стоимости экскурсий по музею ~ 5000 рублей за группу до 5 человек.

Следовательно, стоимость тура без билета — 590 рублей.

Стоимость всей экскурсии — 1090 рублей.
Определите цену для тура и, при необходимости, модератор предложит вам ее скорректировать.
Модерация экскурсии
Что проверяет модератор, длительность, что делать после

Tour review
After the tour is finished and tested, and you think that it is ready to be checked by our moderators.

To send the tour for review go to the tour checking page and click on “Submit for review”.

One of our moderators will check if it complies with our quality standards and contact you with their feedback via email used during the registration process.

The length of the review process

Tour reviewing process can last up to 14 days.

However, in case of a large flow of incoming moderation requests the process can take up more time. 

If it’s been two weeks since you sent the tour for review, please contact us at to get an update on your moderation status.

Double check of the tour
After you edit the tour according to the moderator’s comments contact them and inform them about the changes. Then we’ll review the edited tour and give you our feedback again.

The cycle repeats until the moderator doesn’t have any more comments and the tour is ready to go on sale.
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