How to create a tour in WeGoTrip Studio
Before creating a tour, take a demo tour and see the product through the eyes of a traveler
How to choose a theme for your tour

It can be a tour of unusual attractions in a city, a bar tour, a bike or car tour, a museum tour, etc. What’s important is that the theme of the tour should be interesting to the author and could interest the others.
Here are some of our recommendations:
The tour includes the main tourist attractions or large cities;
The theme is interesting for people of 12 to 35 years old;
You have expertise in the theme and can provide unique information about it.

If you’re not certain about the theme, feel free to contact us at We’ll be glad to send you the list of themes that are likely to be popular at the chosen destination. You’ll be able to pick any of them or come up with your own based on our ideas.

How to begin and finish the tour

How to begin
The first step should be introductory. Greet the travelers, briefly say what the tour would be about, highlight the first and the last stops on the tour, or directly ask the travelers to head to the first stop by adding a location search task.
How to finish
At the end of the tour, it’s great to add recommendations of other attractions to visit nearby, advise nice places where people can rest and grab a bite after the tour. Such recommendations from a local are valued by tourists and you are likely to get good feedback partially because of this.
Tour content

How to record an audio guide

An audio guide is required for every step of your tour. Record what you have written in the text field of every step, leaving out the title. If you feel like you can make good quality recordings using your own voice, you’re very welcome to do that. To make a good quality audio guide with a voice recorder on your phone you need to:

Make sure that there will be no background noise (kids are asleep, windows are closed, pets are in another room, etc.)
Put your phone on a towel to reduce the echo
Prepare the text and practice reading it out loud several times in advance
Speak fluently without long pauses adding emotions to your voice

Before uploading the audio guide online make sure that:

Your voice on the recordings sounds clear and without, or with a small accent
There are no pronunciation mistakes
No background noise
The uploaded audio files are in mp3 format (if needed you can use any online audio converter)
Your tour complies our quality standarts

If you’re not sure about the quality, please send a sample to and we’ll let you know our opinion.


The text field is the main part of every step you’re adding. This is the backbone of your tour. Here you tell everything a tourist needs to know.

Do not forget about the opening hours, names of streets, questions and tasks.

Make sure you write the directions where the next stop is and how to get there. Even if you include a map or a room number proper navigation should always be present on the tour. If the directions are not clear the traveler is likely to get lost in a new city or in a museum. As a result, they would end up dissatisfied with the tour and are likely to finish it earlier.

Of course, you should write correctly, grammar and punctuation-wise. To check the texts you can use which checks spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Style of communication

We support an informal style of communication. Feel free to use jokes and memes, imagine as if you were doing a tour for your close friend. This attitude would allow you to create a great and easy-going tour that travelers would enjoy.

Please do not use bold and italic often to make the text well read
Pictures on the tour

Before uploading photos please check:
Good quality – not blurred, colorful, without any watermarks or text
Dimensions: 1920x1080; 300 dpi
Horizontal orientation
Depicted objects are in context with the information given in the step
Preferable size 1-2 MB (you may use
Copyrighted photos are forbidden to be used

Valid examples:

Invalid examples:

List of photo stocks

You may find photos from these sources:

WeGoTrip Quality Standards
Mandatory requirements for tours

To get published every tour has to comply with the following requirements:

Audio guide is in every step of the tour
Informal style – no dry historical facts, emotional speech, a lot of unusual stories, myths and legends
The average duration of a tour is 1.5–2.5 hours
The optimal route distance depending on the tour type:

  • Walking tour: 4–5 km
  • Bicycle tour: 10–15 km
  • Car tour: 40–50 km
Clear directions on how to get from one stop to another
Even distribution of quiz tasks (if included) throughout the tour
Introduction and conclusion comply with requirements
Compliance with the photo and audio quality standards
Grammar and punctuation are thoroughly checked, the text is easy to read and understand
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